New York City Living…

Sometimes people may think that living in NYC is glamourous. It all depends on who you talk to and on what day. I live in The Bronx and recently in the building that I live in the boiler / gas has been turned off. No one was told in advance. They knocked on my apartment door and gave me a hot plate. Huh? what’s this. I’ve never used one. When I go to check my stove. Nothing. Nada. That’s how I found out I wasn’t going to have a stove for about 2 months (could be even longer). I’ve been forced to use the hot plate. I’m learning how to be more creative with food. I’ll be posting about that in the future. So right now all I have is a rice/veggie steamer, a Ninja and a hotplate to make things. I have a microwave but never use it. This week, as a gift Urban Atabex gave me a Nutribullet. It made me so happy because I’m a huge fan of smoothies and juicing. So anyone with tips on what to make on a hot plate or alternatives to cooking on a stove I’m open to all suggestions. I’ve been having fun trying some RAW recipes as well. I’m all about healthy and eating organically but when you live in the hood sometimes that can be a challenge. 


Sample pic of the kind of hot plate I’m using.


= / 




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