Indonesia – Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation

2 weeks ago my group Circa ’95 was invited to perform at Casita Maria in the Bronx for Hip Hop Generation Next with an International Jam session with the Jogja Hip Hop Foundation. They are a Javanese Hip Hop collective from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Which happen to blend hip hop with traditional Javanese gamelan music. Watch this video to get a taste of how they do it.

Hip Hop Generation Next was produced by Dancing in the Streets in collaboration with Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education. I had a wonderful time meeting the crew, especially backstage in the green room before the show. Some of our artists friends stopped by as well. I learned some words in Javanesese that are the same in Spanish like  “Gratis” (free) or “Zapato” (shoe).  Amazing right? I even ended up on stage with them, they taught me a phrase in Javanese and I performed the Hook for a song. I had no idea what I was saying but hey I think it sounded ok. =)

Cultural exhchanges are so important. I love participating in them. I hope to travel more in the future and see all the places where Hip-Hop has traveled too.

Follow the Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation on Twitter @JHFCREW



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