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Casita Maria Block Party 2013

Casita Maria Block Party 2013

Come thru and check out @Circa95 performing live at the Casita Maria Block Party on Simpson Street on Saturday August 3rd.


Believe In Me

Check out the latest video from my crew CIRCA ’95 

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”Believe In Me” is track 8 off Circa ’95’s debut album “Free Lunch”

”Believe In Me” is written and performed by Patty Dukes & Reph

Produced by SoundWave

Video Directed by Patty Dukes & Reph

Track Mixed & Mastered by Fred Ones & Reph at TME Studios

Single art design by Marthalicia


Indonesia – Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation

2 weeks ago my group Circa ’95 was invited to perform at Casita Maria in the Bronx for Hip Hop Generation Next with an International Jam session with the Jogja Hip Hop Foundation. They are a Javanese Hip Hop collective from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Which happen to blend hip hop with traditional Javanese gamelan music. Watch this video to get a taste of how they do it.

Hip Hop Generation Next was produced by Dancing in the Streets in collaboration with Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education. I had a wonderful time meeting the crew, especially backstage in the green room before the show. Some of our artists friends stopped by as well. I learned some words in Javanesese that are the same in Spanish like  “Gratis” (free) or “Zapato” (shoe).  Amazing right? I even ended up on stage with them, they taught me a phrase in Javanese and I performed the Hook for a song. I had no idea what I was saying but hey I think it sounded ok. =)

Cultural exhchanges are so important. I love participating in them. I hope to travel more in the future and see all the places where Hip-Hop has traveled too.

Follow the Jogja Hip-Hop Foundation on Twitter @JHFCREW


My Adventures @ The Frederic Fekkai Salon

So last week I had a wonderful opportunity to be a hair model at the Frederic Fekkai 5th Avenue Salon in NYC. I had no idea the salon was above the Henri Bendel store, so it was great to walk by and see all the new fall and winter pieces on display. Lots of expensive and shiny things.  So I get upstairs and check in and was given a brown robe to wear. They even have coat check.

Copyright Patty Dukes

   Copyright Patty Dukes

So I went for some highlights, nothing too crazy. Especially since I’ve gone completely natural.  So a little of my hair history.  I’ve never relaxed my hair but since I was young it was the norm around my Dominican and Puerto Rican family to use heat.. from either rollers, blow dryers and flat irons. The most I’ve seen was my hair being wavy. After I started doing Bikram Yoga and just letting my hair go about a year and half ago I noticed how curly my hair actually was! I never knew my texture or what my curl pattern was. I’m learning so much about my hair and other peoples hair. Thanks to blogs like Afrobella, HeyFranHey, Curly Nikki  and Hairscapades. Their is a wonderful community online for women of color and I’m so happy to have found them. Nobody in my family has left their hair natural. If anything, I think that they think I’m a little crazy. It’s cool because I’m happy. I don’t see myself going back. Especially because I’ve grown to love my Bikram Yoga practice. In that heat and sweat – no way will a blow out survive. I had to give up the straight hair.  Being Curly for me is working just fine, it took time to get used too and sometimes I still feel weird.  I’m working on feeling “pretty” with my curly hair, even though with straight hair I noticed that I got more compliments. My hair was tired of the damage and I was tired of the heat and work it took to get it to look “nice”.  Anyways, as I was chatting it up with Amanda ( I think that’s what her name was) my hair stylist at Fekkai, we talked about my hair. She agreed to keep it natural and just go for some simple highlights so it wouldn’t be hard to maintain. Mind you, this was after the Hurricane Sandy mess. She told me she lives in Westchester and had no power in her house. So she took her hubby and yorkies to a hotel. The fact that she was still working  and helping me with my hair while she was going through all that was amazing. New Yorkers are fierce like that. No hurricane will stop us ladies from looking  and feeling fly! So I thank her so much for making me feel welcomed and taken care of.  Here are some pics from my adventure.

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

They had two lines that really interested me the ESSENTIAL SHEA and LUCIOUS CURLS… I went with the Shea. It smelled wonderful !

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

And don’t you love to read magazines while your hair is getting done.

I love reading about beauty products.  =)

Copyright Patty Dukes

Copyright Patty Dukes

And Done! Some quick highlights with an overall gloss. Nothing too dramatic, but can you see how fluffy my curls look.  Thanks to everyone at the Frederic Fekkai Salon for hooking me up. This process is usually around $275  and I spent the most $10. Pow! This around the way girl got a great deal right. Thanks FEKKAI !

Copyright Patty Dukes


Recap from Philly… (NALAC 2012 Conference)

So today I’m stuck in my apartment in NYC because of Hurricane Sandy. I’m sending out a little prayer to everyone affected by this storm. Hope everyone is doing ok.  I didn’t have too much drama in my neck of the woods. Mostly the trees in the neighborhood are broken into pieces. Sad to see such amazing trees hurt. I’ve seen, played around and attended family BBQ’s with these trees since I was about 5 or 6 years old.  Sad to see them go.  Anyways since I’m staying in, it gives me a great reason to share some of my pics from my recent trip to philly. I had such a great time at the NALAC 2012 Conference! I can’t wait to go back to philly. The city has a thriving artistic community and awesome restaurants. I worked on an art piece for the Philly Mural Project, attended various panels one of which  was lead by Michael M. Kaiser president of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and met Latino artists from all over the country working in theater, visual arts, dance and poetry. It was dope to be among such dedicated artists. To be included and be given the opportunity to  perform was an honor. I’m getting more and more comfortable wearing my hair natural and having fun with what I’m wearing on stage. I was also very proud of myself for working out at the Loews Hotel gym. The hotel was really nice and the gym was cool too, so I was able to get a couple of hours each day to get my work-out on. So at the end of the day – No Excuses! If I want a better life for myself I have to create it. If I want to get fit, I need to work out. It’s pretty simple yet so hard to do sometimes. I’m on my way.

@Circa95 ::: @pattydukesnyc and @rephstar backstage at the Prince Music Theater in Philly

at the conference listening and learning and chilling with some of our peeps.

Got my badge w/ bag of goodies and sound check completed.

Performing on stage and supporting my friends @RebelDiaz with their panel presentation.

The Carrot Cake from the Lunch at the Hotel was the Bomb!

View from my hotel room in Philly.