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@circa95 concert at Pregones Theater in the Bronx Dec 6th and 7th



What a amazing privilege to be able to have two nights at Pregones Theater. Reph and I have been working really hard developing our show and working on new music. We want to share with you what we’ve been working on. We hope you can join us on Dec 6th or 7th. $12.00 tickets are available.
Performance starts at 7pm.
Bring a friend. Let’s kick it afterwards.

– Patty Dukes


@Circa95 hosts @RebelDiaz album release party with M1 of Dead Prez


If your in the area, stop by!
It’s going to be an awesome night to celebrate Rebel Diaz latest project Radical Dilemma.
M1 of Dead Prez, Immortal Technique and YC the Cynic will also be performing.
My group Circa ’95 is hosting. Dj Charlie Hustle and Dj Mike Flo will be holding it down as well.
A wonderful night for Hip-Hop uptown! Join me.


United Palace of Cultural Arts is Open!

It’s been a rough week since Hurricane Sandy here in NYC. Luckily where I’m at we had electricity. We lost a lot of trees tho and ended up hosting some friends from downtown who didn’t have power in their home. I’m proud of all the folks  pitching in and helping each other. Let’s continue to keep working together to make this city awesome!

For the folks uptown who wanna help out. Check out the Bronx River Alliance.  
They need volunteers on November 10th to replant trees in the Bronx.
Contact Joseph Sanchez at joseph.sanchez@parks.nyc.gov or 718-430-4636.

Also, NYC  has Warming Centers check out the list of places here

Before the storm hit, I was invited to the United Palace to perform with my band  Circa ’95 at the kickoff for their new arts program called the United Palace of Cultural Arts, or UPCA. This was done in collaboration with Word Up Books and Nomaa. Here is a short video showing some of the highlights of the night.

Click This Link to Watch  The Video —–> United Palace of Cultural Arts (UPCA) Launch

Shout out to all the organizations that participated in the Launch!

  • People’s Theatre Project
  • WHIN Music Project
  • Jay Franco’s Faces Of Hope
  • The Machine
Elizabeth Balaguer
  • Robin Glasser
  • Demetrius Daniel
  • Washington Heights Artist Movement
  • Up Theater Company
  • Circa ’95 (Patty Dukes & Reph)
  • Will Glass & Luis Alvarez
  • Nutcracker Inc
  • Armando Batista’s City Boy
  • Ruben Gonzalez & Michael Wimberly
Tango In the Heights
  • Organic Magnetics
  • Aimee Rubinstein
  • Evan Shwarzbaum
  • Shawnee Ramos & Pochitos07
  • J-Mantekz
  • Papi Dinero
  • Video Void
  • Art by Dj Boy
  • Washington Heights Free Radio

For more info on UPCA visit the facebook page 


Better Late Than Never…

Welcome to my blog! How exciting.  Although I wanted to start blogging on Sept 1st, it seems I needed the extra time to get ready. Sometimes it’s better to be patient and do things when they feel right.  So I guess today felt right. I’m interested in creating a blog that documents my journey but also shares with a community. I love blogs and end up reading them more often than anything else nowadays. So whether it’s music, art, culture, wellness, yoga, beauty, fashion and food.  I’ll be sure to let you know. Yup…  I’m curious about everything. I’m not an expert or a guru. I  just like to try things and explore what the world has to offer. So reach out to me, no judgement here. I want to live in a world with happy, fun and creative people. So thanks for joining me.  =)

Last week recap…

– On Friday, Sept 14th. I performed and hosted along with my partner Reph (Circa ’95) at the Dreamyard OSP (Out Of School Programs) 2nd Annual Movie Night. The space was packed! It’s great to see families and kids that are interested in the arts.  I began as a Teaching Artist at Dreamyard and now I’m currently the Artistic Director of the Bronx Acting Ensemble. I work with High School students on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Classes begin on Oct. 20th. Dreamyard offers classes in visual art, poetry, hip-hop music, theater, digital learning and more! It truly is a wonderful space, with the most caring and creative staff.  Feel free to check out what Dreamyard is doing and if you know a young person that could benefit from FREE art programs in the Bronx please let them know! www.dreamyard.com/osp

– On Saturday, Sept 15th we (Circa ’95) were invited to perform at Empire Fashion Boutique  in the Heights for the Classic Material NY release party for the new  tee ‘Uptown Hot Blocks Made Me’. The evening featured music by  DJ Big Jeff (ThisIs50.com) and Boogie Blind (Executioners). Performers included Timeless Truth, Black Roses, Sam Hill, Circa ’95 and Sporty Thievz.

Remember the parody of TLC’s hit “No Scrubs” entitled “No Pigeons”?  Well They performed it and let me tell you the nostalgia was in the air. As a fan of 90’s Hip-Hop music. It’s was a treat to see them perform live ! Big Shout out to the homie Big Dubez from Sporty Thievz for always showing love, Carlos from Classic Material and Ralph McDaniels from Video Music Box who was in the spot supporting.

RIP. Marlon Brando (3rd Member of Sporty Thievz). If you don’t know the story, On May 11, 2001,  he was killed after being struck by a car at the age of 22. The driver of the car was intoxicated and swerved onto the sidewalk. Marlon Brando saved a kids life by pushing him out of the way.  #UptownHero.

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